Postpartum care and your midwife: How they can help in the days and weeks after baby arrives

Most people have the perception that a midwife only helps a pregnant person during pregnancy – and at the birth.

But that’s simply not true. Many midwives also can be seen for regular medical visits – from adolescence through menopause — and some even offer postpartum care. And if you work with a midwife for your postpartum care, you’ll know that someone is taking care of YOU while you and baby learn to be a team together.

Midwives can also help you learn to care for baby, too!

There are many benefits to having a midwife for postpartum care. It will make life easier for you in the weeks after baby comes. Here are some things your midwife can help with:

Questions and answers

In the days and weeks after having a baby, you probably have a lot of questions. Your midwife can help you get the answers you need, so you don’t have to worry. And chances are, your midwife has seen it all, so you can ask any question and not be embarrassed!


If you are nursing, your midwife can help you and baby get the hang of it. A midwife can help with latch or pain/discomfort and also, she can monitor you for mastitis or other issues like cracked nipples. And, chances are, she knows of a good lactation consultant if you need more help.

Physical and emotional health

Your midwife is trained to care for you fully, not just when you are pregnant. Having a midwife for postpartum care means you will be checked to make sure you are not only healing from your physical issues but also your mental health will be taken into consideration.

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