Considering a career in midwifery? Here are some things to think about

For some people, a career in midwifery comes about after having a transformative birth experience. For others, it comes about after working in nursing for a while and wanting to make a change.

But whatever the reason, a career in midwifery is about serving pregnant people and families and it can be incredibly rewarding.

A midwife provides health care to for women during their life such as: Family planning, pregnancy, childbirth, gynecologic care and postpartum care and support. A midwife can do annual exams and do prenatal visits.

Many midwives come from a nursing background – but you don’t need to have experience as a labor and delivery nurse to consider a career in this field.

So, if you are considering a career in midwifery, here are some things to think about:

There is demand – and it is growing

Midwives are in demand as health care providers, as patients seek out different care models and birthing experiences. There is a lot of opportunity for midwives nowadays, in different health care settings.

Especially during the pandemic, many patients sought out midwives for care.

You get to advocate for patients and families

One of the best things about being a midwife is the relationships that are formed with patients and their families. This career tends to support patients actively participating in their birth experiences and choices: Homebirth, birth center or hospital birth, to name a few.

Meaningful work

Bringing babies into the world is incredibly meaningful work and being a part of that experience can be emotional, unforgettable and powerful.

This profession also helps support and empower patients, allowing them to achieve their birth goals and have a special, memorable birth experience.

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