Three things about having a newborn that might surprise new parents

When you are expecting your first child, you probably expected sleepless nights and endless baby snuggles.

But becoming a parent can also come with a lot of unknowns – and surprises both good and – more challenging! Most pregnant people do some planning, reading and research but there are some things that all the preparation in the world can’t prepare you for.

Here are four things about newborns that might surprise new parents.

Nursing might not come easily

If you plan to nurse your baby, you might think that it is a natural process and that you and your baby will take to it immediately. But the fact is, it can be a challenge and might take a while to master. Your baby could have a lip tie or be sleepy. You could become engorged and uncomfortable, with cracked nipples and other issues.

And there is cluster feeding, which is something that basically means your infant seemingly never stops nursing!

All of this is normal, and you can always get help from family, friends or a lactation consultant.


For new parents, isolation can be a real and scary thing, especially if you just gave birth and aren’t quite sure what you are doing. You are exhausted and nursing around the clock and your baby poops constantly, so trying to get out of the house – or make yourself presentable for guests – is overwhelming.

Or maybe you aren’t keen on having visitors in a pandemic to help protect your baby from illness.

Not to mention all the hormonal changes that make everything even more challenging: Isolation is real.

Not immediately bonding with baby

Not every parent falls instantly in love with their baby. Sometimes, that bond takes a little time to grow. New parents go through a lot to bring their newborn into the world and after all that, sometimes, that immediate bond just doesn’t instantly appear.

The good news is, for the vast majority of new parents, after a few weeks, you successfully bond to your baby and that that obsessive love starts to grow.

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