Four ways to survive a sleep-deprived day (or three)

As parents, we are used to dealing with life on not enough sleep. But sometimes, those nights get the best of us and we are just so sleep deprived, grumpy and drained.

However, your children still need you, so you can’t just pull the covers up and hibernate for a little longer.

If you have a new baby, or a toddler who is refusing to rest, you might be wondering how to get through these challenging days.

Here are four ways to survive a sleep-deprived day (or three).

Get outside

We know, the last thing you probably want to do is get up and get the little people ready to go outside, but the sunshine and fresh air can really help reinvigorate everyone and make the rest of the day go smoother. Whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood or some time at a local park, get outside!

Eat well

You will want to stuff yourself with unhealthy, convenient food when you are tired but you have to resist the urge. It’ll only make you feel better temporarily. Try to have a smoothie, a salad or just some fresh fruit on those days when you really need a few more ZZZZ’s.

Power nap – if you can

If you can grab even a 20-minute power nap, it can be enough to help you power through the rest of your day – and give you a boost you need. Even if you need to put on a show or movie for your littles and rest your eyes, do it! You need a break too, mama.

Lower your expectations

A sleep deprived day or week is not the time to make any big decisions or tackle any big projects, so lower your expectations about your house, your work, and all that goes into your day. Try to get help if you can and most importantly, know that this will pass eventually.

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