Rainbow babies and pregnancy challenges: What you need to know

You might have heard the term “rainbow baby” but maybe you aren’t quite sure what it means.

A rainbow baby is a child born to parents who have experienced a pregnancy loss or infant death – like miscarriage or still birth.

Rainbows for many people symbolize hope, rebirth or renewal and for parents who have experienced loss, the birth of a child can help them connect and celebrate their new baby – while honoring the child or children lost.

Rainbows, after all, are the beauty that comes after a storm.

And rainbow babies come after a rainbow pregnancy, which – despite the nice sounding name – can bring real challenges, fears and anxiety.

Rainbow pregnancies can be filled with joy for sure, but they can also be a painful time for parents. You might experience fear, anxiety, guilt, a sense of loss or detachment.

There are many emotions during a rainbow pregnancy and they are all normal and natural – after all, you can never forget the baby or babies you lost.

It’s even common for some families to mention or honor the baby or babies lost when they announce their rainbow pregnancy or the birth of their rainbow baby.

If you see a rainbow on a baby announcement or pregnancy announcement, it’s a way for parents to share their journey and it can also be a way for people to connect and bond over their experiences.

If you have lost a baby and have a rainbow pregnancy or rainbow baby, don’t be afraid to share your story. Feeling joy, fear, grief and love are all a part of the process.

And definitely let your health care provider know; they can help you work through emotions and provide reassurance.

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