How to support the new dad in your life

When a new baby arrives, the focus – usually – is on mom and the new bundle of joy.

But there is also another person in the picture. And that’s dad!

It isn’t always easy for dads to jump into parenting, but if you have a new dad in your life, here are some ways to support him as he transitions to fatherhood.

Share information

New dads need to learn how to be new dads, and there are some books out there for them. But really, any book or article about how to be a new parent can be beneficial for a dad to read – especially if mom is nursing.

There are also classes geared toward new dads, so they can learn about diapering, feeding, bathing and development.

Paternity leave

Many companies are starting more family-friendly policies like paternity leave, so encouraging a new dad to take the leave offered is always a good thing. The first few weeks of having a newborn can be a whirlwind but it’s also when some of the best bonding occurs.

And on that note…

Encouraging bonding

Many new dads struggle with bonding with their newborns because, let’s face it, newborns don’t do a whole lot. But bonding occurs when you care for a newborn: Rocking, soothing, changing, feeding or supporting mom while she feeds baby.

Learning baby’s cues and “language” is crucial in the early days, and dad can be a part of that process.

It can be hard for new parents to ask for, and accept help, and dads need support and care – just like new moms.

If you have a new dad in your life, make sure to connect with him and offer a listening ear.

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At Everything Birth, we love supporting new dads – and seeing the starting of amazing new families!

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