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Where gentle birth and parenting intersect

Want to geek out on homebirths, find heartfelt gentle parenting info to share with your clients or fellow parents, and share experiences with like minded people?


We would love to be a resource for you as you welcome and raise those sweet babies.

Everything Birth, Inc. began over 15 years ago as a place for midwives and homebirth families to connect, and find quality birth and baby supplies. It’s grown into a place for birth workers and parents who are dedicated to change beginning at birth, in infancy, and in how we continue to raise our kids more holistically to have a positive impact in our communities.

Look, we know living the on call life, raising kids, and maybe even doing both at the same time (!) is a huge commitment. We ourselves are living it! Sometimes we need to know that someone gets it. A reminder that we are not total weirdos in our passion for safer birth and more respectful parenting. A place where we can easily find resources explaining WHY we do what we do, because we all have those moments with someone in our lives.

We talk about all of this with care, respect and a sense of humor. Let us be that reminder, yes?


Meet Your Team

Everything Birth is an evolving partnership of Nicole, Crystal, Toni, and Francesco.

It started with Crystal, who is committed to continuity of customer service as she maintains the store site, while Nicole takes on the day to day tasks and order fulfillment. Toni will be doing more of the blogging, as well as sharing info on Facebook and in our newsletter. Francesco is our computer and numbers person, helping to keep things running behind the scenes.

Things that are important to us:

  • People retaining their right to choices in childbirth
  • Actively supporting the homebirth community
  • Respecting our children as people, and providing gentle guidance as they grow
  • Living as holistically as possible given each of our circumstances
  • Learning more about safer birth and baby products

We’re so happy to have you here!


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